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Single Lady Estates empowers women homebuyers and
homeowners to make confident home decisions.

From Condos to Compounds, we've got you covered!

Single Lady Estates is your resource for home advisory, advocacy and community throughout the entire homeownership lifecycle – from buying to owning to selling.

Together We are an Economic Force

In the past 30 years, women have been busy buying homes. We've obtained higher education and income levels, and maintained careers both before and after marriage. Roughly 25% of us out-earn our male partners, and this trend transcends race – White, Black, Hispanic and Asian women have all become homeowners and heads of household over the past few decades.

But much of the home-buying, home-owning, and home-selling experience is stuck in the past. Realtors who want nothing more than to make the sale; contractors who mislead and overcharge you; mortgage brokers who ask to speak to your spouse.

Isn’t it time we received the respect we have earned?

Share Your Stories

We want to hear your good, bad and ugly experiences with purchasing, renovating, selling your home! Your experiences will help us in developing services to help our community thrive.