4 Warning Signs of a Bad Neighbor

By Don McCue
Reprinted by Permission

Did you know that the majority of Americans dislike their neighbor? Bad neighbors, or a particular bad neighbor, can lower your home’s value, disrupt your quality of life (and sleep), or even inspire you to relocate.

If you want to have neighbors that complement your new location with a sense of community, it’s important to check whether the grass is greener on the other side of the fence when touring homes. 

To help you do so, here are four red flags that may be signs of a less than stellar neighbor: 

1. Excessive Noise or Activity

Neighbors who blast loud music, throw large parties regularly or own persistently loud dogs can impact day-to-day life more than many assume. Try to visit the area of your potential home at different times of the week (especially weekend nights) to understand these neighborhood elements better.

2. Unfriendliness

Take a stroll through the neighborhood. Do people wave hello? Do you feel like you can introduce yourself? If they seem standoffish or cold, consider how this could influence your overall mood if you lived there.

3. Unkempt Homes and Yards

Properties in major disrepair or with lots of clutter in the yard may indicate a neglectful neighbor — or, at the very least, one who might not be very involved or present in the neighborhood. 

4. Seller Comments

You can ask the seller or their agent directly what they think of the neighbors and the community. Their comments or even their tone and expression can provide helpful insights that aren’t immediately apparent during a tour.

You also might want to do your own research – call the local police station to see what, if any, police activity has been in the area, talk to the next door neighbors, etc. Bad neighbors can be unwanted added stress to your busy life.