Advocacy: Empowering Yourself

Season 3 Advocacy Wrap-Up album art with photo of Bobbie Wasserman and the Single Lady Estates logo.
Bobbie Wasserman

As we wrap-up the third season of the Single Lady Estates podcast, Bobbie looks back at the stellar list of experts who joined her to talk about advocacy in its many forms.

From advocating for your own space and well-being to taking on local and federal governmental agencies about homeownership issues. We heard courageous stories from our guests about their advocacy journey and were inspired by their steadfast determination.

Legal Matters

When advocating for yourself, having a great attorney in your corner is key. So, Bobbie spoke with municipal law and family law attorneys to gain insight into municipal, code compliance, and family law issues. Their knowledge and expertise (while not legal advice) did shed light on what women can do to protect themselves and their assets before, during, and after marriage.

Real Estate Investing

Whether looking to add rental income properties or build a real estate portfolio, Bobbie provided key insights from experts in the field. From getting started with your first real estate investment to a deep dive into the manufactured and mobile home sector. 

Three Powerful Seasons

Over three seasons, the Single Lady Estates podcast has covered a wealth of topics to empower women homeowners. From investing to interior design, home and structural safety to legal insights, wellness, real estate trends, and even moving cross-country. Each episode offered listeners valuable lessons and actionable insights for women homeowners.

Coming Soon

Get ready for the fourth season of the Single Lady Estates podcast, debuting this fall! The upcoming season will coincide with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act anniversary event. Be sure to visit to sign up for email updates on the event and new podcast episodes.

Bobbie Wasserman is the founder of Single Lady Estates® and host of the Single Lady Estates podcast. The mission of Single Lady Estates® is to serve and celebrate – women homeowners – by providing information and resources to fully empower your home decisions – throughout the entire homeownership lifecycle: buying, selling and life in between.

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