Season 3: Advocacy in Homeownership

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Bobbie Wasserman

Welcome to the third season of the Single Lady Estates Podcast. This season, host and founder Bobbie Wasserman turns the spotlight on advocacy, the third pillar of Single Lady Estates.

Episodes will feature authors, homeowner advocates, attorneys, and investors who share their personal stories and expert advice on how to effectively advocate for oneself in various challenging personal and real estate scenarios.

Key highlights include:

  • The role of confidence in self-advocacy.
  • Stories of three women who faced and overcame home ownership challenges through persistence and self-advocacy.
  • Insights from legal experts on dealing with municipalities, government agencies, and advocating for oneself during divorce, with a focus on financial abuse
  • Exploration of the trend of relocating due to remote work opportunities and high home prices.
  • A deep dive into the growing interest in manufactured housing and its potential as an investment.
  • Post-advocacy rejuvenation within the spaces of our homes.

Join us this season as we continue to educate, connect, and advocate for women homeowners.

Bobbie Wasserman is the founder of Single Lady Estates® and host of the Single Lady Estates podcast. The mission of Single Lady Estates is to empower women in building financial stability for them and their families through homeownership. We do this by providing educational resources, advocacy efforts and connecting women with resources and networks that can help enhance the homeownership journey - buying, selling and life in between.

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