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Single Lady Estates® – Trailer

Welcome to the Single Lady Estates® podcast the show for women homeowners living their best lives. My name is Bobbie Wasserman and as the founder of Single Lady Estates, our mission is to serve and celebrate women homeowners by empowering them with information in an entertaining and engaging way. All within a safe community space. […]

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Plumbing 101: Know Your Pipes When You Buy

A home’s plumbing is usually second thought as long as the toilets flush and the shower flow is strong. Yet, replacing pipes can be a really expensive proposition, so you want to be sure to get a plumbing inspection – either from a plumber directly, or ensure your home inspector understands a home’s plumbing system.

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CA: Zoning Changes Are on The Way

For the past few years, legislators have grappled with new ways of addressing the California housing affordability crisis, which basically boils down to the need for more housing units.

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Woodland Hills Street Paved – After 84 Years

Residents have complained for, well, decades, about the state of San Miguel Street in Woodland Hills. A winding stretch of the road has not been paved since 1937. A winding stretch of the road has not been paved since 1937.

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