Declutter Your Home with Regina Lark, Ph.D.

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Dr. Regina Lark is a board certified professional organizer. She is also a frequent speaker and educator on topics ranging from women’s leadership, emotional labor, time management, productivity, hoarding, and ADHD. (full bio)

In this episode Regina shares the non-linear path which put her on the road to a career as a professional organizer. She offers insight into the roots of clutter and the invisible mental load many women face alone. Regina provides us with simple and actionable steps we can take to begin the process of decluttering our homes. And it all starts with the kitchen junk drawer.

Regina's Step-by-Step Junk Drawer Decluttering Tips:

  1. Schedule decluttering on your calendar.
  2. Write down how long you think it will take to clear out the junk drawer. Maybe 20 minutes or so.
  3. Clear the counter above the junk drawer.
  4. Lay down an old sheet or towel on the counter.
  5. Put a warm soapy bowl on the counter next to the sheet/towel.
  6. Put one recycle bin and one trash bin on the either side of you on the floor.
  7. Set a timer for 20 minutes.
  8. Pull out the drawer and dump it all on the sheet/towel.
  9. During the 20 minutes of sorting DO NOT LEAVE YOUR STATION.
    • Sort:
      • Trash goes in the trash
      • Recycle items (plastic, paper, etc) goes into recycle bin
      • Keys and coins go straight into the soapy water
  10. Once 20 minute time is finished see how far you got. Did you finish? Do you need more time? Write down your results. This is the information you'll need to know when you schedule time for your next declutter session.

Learn more and connect with Regina Lark Ph.D.

In 2008 Regina founded A Clear Path, followed by Speaking of Clutter. She has been featured on A&E’s hit television show Hoarders, in The Wall Street JournalLos Angeles Times, and many other publications. To learn more about decluttering and working with a professional organizer, connect with Dr. Regina Lark on her website: A Clear Path.

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