Foundation Repair Secrets Every Homeowner Should Know

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Welcome back to the Single Lady Estates Podcast. In this podcast, we get into the dirt with home foundations – the red flags, questions to ask and the answers to know.  

Bobbie is joined by Bob Brown, the foremost authority on foundation repair diagnosis and author of “Foundation Repair Secrets”.

Bob is a 35-year industry veteran. In 1989, he founded Arizona Foundation Solutions and built one of the only foundation repair companies to utilize licensed professional engineers on the front end. He holds four patents, has three patents pending and developed a first-of-its-kind software to streamline home foundation investigations. He has been designated as a certified Foundation Repair Specialist by NFRA, is LEED Accredited, and is an EPA-approved Measurement and mitigation specialist, among other accreditations.

Bob’s book helps home buyers and home owners to better understand home foundations through home construction and soil dynamics.

Key Takeaways:

  • When buying a home, understand the soil of the area
  • Expansive clays in soils are usually, but not always, the source of problems when it comes to home foundation issues.
  • Understand the difference between foundation repair companies vs structural engineers vs Geotech engineers.
  • Women: don’t be bamboozled by an over confident salesman.

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