High-End Real Estate Trends with Sarah Williams

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Photo of Sarah Williams from Societe Real Estate website https://societerealestate.com/sarah-williams

Sarah Williams shares the home buying trends of her New York City, Miami, and overseas high-end clientele before, during, and post-pandemic. She also gets candid on being a successful millennial woman in real estate.

Societe Real Estate is a privately-owned, bespoke Real Estate Agency in New York City, South Florida and London servicing a wide range of domestic and overseas clientele from New York City to Miami Beach and from the UK to the South of France.

Sarah's Realtor Tips…


If you are a buyer and you're looking for the right real estate agent, I highly recommend you hire somebody you like a lot. Because you're likely going to be spending a lot of time with that person…”


“When you're a seller. Hire somebody you trust. That person is in your home without you being there. Are they respectful of your shoe requirements? Are they going to respect your showing schedule? So I think a lot of the sell side has to do with trust and respect.

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