Home Safety and Security with Officer Sean Dinse

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The visible clues that make your home less attractive to burglars.

On this episode of the Single Lady Estates podcast we hear from LAPD Senior Lead Officer, Sean Dinse. He has been with the Los Angeles Police Department for 24 years and is currently assigned to the LAPD Topanga Division working closely with residents on the west side of the San Fernando Valley.

Officer Dinse offers actionable tips homeowners, HOAs, and communities can take to decrease the chance their neighborhoods become a target for thieves. Having an active residential community and neighborhood network increases overall homeowner safety and security. Which means getting to know your neighbors is an important key to safety success.

For our Single Lady Estates community, Officer Dinse suggested this simple and practical tip potential homeowners should include as part of their home search process.

“It's actually a breath of fresh air to get a phone call from a resident or prospective buyer that's looking at a property…They actually ask me, 

Hey, what what's going on in that neighborhood? What do you see that I should be worried about?”

Because that means that they're doing their due diligence.”

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