Bonus Episode: Inside the Conversation with Robin Wurzel

image of Robin Wurzel and Bobbie Wasserman for the Single Lady Estates podcast

When the official recording stops, many times the conversation continues between host, Bobbie Wasserman, podcast producer, Jennifer Navarrete, and guests. In this case the post discussion was filled with so much additional info and insight we knew it had be shared with the Single Lady Estates community. So with Robin's permission we present a special bonus episode of the Single Lady Estates podcast with Robin Wurzel from 1st Home and Commercial Services in Austin, TX.

Because moving and home purchase considerations were on Jennifer's mind, she dove into a post recording Q&A with Robin to get more clarification about home systems. This began an insightful discussion on new plumbing tech, Robin's experience as a women in the trades, and how 1st Home and Commercial Services has seen success even in a down market.

Robin also shares tips on how women homeowners can get the knowledge they need to make informed home system maintenance decisions.

Bonus Episode Highlights:

  • Cutting-edge home repair tech can save you a considerable amount of money when dealing with what can be expensive broken pipe repair.
  • Women in the trades are in a unique position to stand out in an industry that has higher than average income rates.
  • Why it is a good idea to develop an ongoing relationship with the technicians and home systems maintenance team.
  • When working with home maintenance technicians, the key is to ask questions and keep asking questions until you have a good understanding of why your home needs particular maintenance.

Listen to the The Heartbeat of your Home: Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical episode.

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