Woodland Hills Residents Upset Over Cracked, Crumbling Road

As KCAL9’s Crystal Cruz reports, that makes people not-so-happy.

It’s all because of an old rule that dates back to the depression. San Miguel Street is one of about 200 streets that was withdrawn from public service when money was tight back during the depression.

That doesn’t make residents feel any better. They think the rule is ridiculous and want it changed.
Walking along the street, Cruz points out, it looks more like a road you might find in a rural area.

“Very unbelievable,” one woman said, “Take a picture. This is the United States.”
She added, “It’s really ugly and dangerous, too. Why they don’t care [of it], I do not understand.”

The road looks more like wrinkly skin and residents clearly want a facelift. Now.

“It’s terrible,” said Mike Liebrecht, “it hasn’t been paved in years. It’s never paved. And when they do come out and pae it, they do a haly way job and in a year it’s falling apart. This road is falling apart.”

He can’t understand why his tax dollars are not being used to fix the road once and for all.
“It’s almost like cobblestone,” he said, “like we’re in a third world country.”

Another complained that the road is slippery when wet. And not just for drivers. “We cannot walk,” he added.

You can literally kick the road apart.