Practical Advice for Owning Real Estate in Luxury Markets

Promo graphic Wendy Ross and Bobbie Wasserman for Single Lady Estates podcast

photo of Wendy Ross of Veracity Real Estate Company. Serving clients in luxury real estate markets.

We begin a three-part real estate series with Wendy Ross from Veracity Real Estate Company. Wendy joins Bobbie to offer practical advice for owning real estate in luxury markets. 

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • The key differences between Silicon Valley and Orange County home buyers.
  • The housing trend coastal communities experienced during the pandemic.
  • How foreign investors are approaching investment properties.
  • Insight into the way women first-time home buyers navigate the real estate market.
  • Millennials and real estate investing.

Wendy Ross created Veracity Real Estate Company to provide “bespoke client advocacy at all price levels” in luxury markets. Learn more about Wendy and Veracity Real Estate

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