Media Kit: Podcast Guest

Podcast Guest MEDIA KITS

Jennifer Mrozek Sukalo and Bobbie Wasserman photos on the Single Lady Estates podcast album art. This episode is on the topic of self-advocacy. Photo of Jennifer is from her website

Jennifer Mrozek Sukalo

RECLAIM YOUR SWAGGER: A powerful exploration of self-advocacy, resilience, and the power of perseverance during the most challenging times in life.

Single Lady Estates Album Art with photos of Tom Zulawski and Bobbie Wasserman

Tom Zulawski

HOME DESIGN TIPS & TRENDS: Design tips, shifting vs. timeless trends, and how to create a design that's right for you (and your budget).

photo of Alison Woodall and Bobbie Wasserman in the Single Lady Estates® podcast album art.

Alison Woodall

MOVING STATE TO STATE LIKE A PRO: With remote work, employees have options. For many that means relocating to another state for a better quality of life..

Single Lady Estates podcast album art with photos of Bobbie Wasserman and Brad Rymer.

Brad Rymer

AFFORDABLE HOUSING INVESTMENTS- THE CASE FOR MOBILE HOMES: Reframing what affordable housing and investment opportunities look like with manufactured and mobile home communities.

Single Lady Estates album art featuring guest Emily Grosvenor and Bobbie Wasserman photos.

Emily Grosvenor

FINDING YOURSELF AT HOME: A guide for how to personalize your home environment. A fascinating (and enlightening) discussion of the five tips to tailor spaces around your needs and best fit with your values.


BE A FUTURE PODCAST GUEST: We invite you to join host and founder of Single Lady Estates® Bobbie Wasserman for a dynamic discussion about the fastest growing segment of homeowners, single women.