Mediation in Divorce & Family Law with Judith Kaluzny

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In this episode we are joined by Judith Kaluzny who is a retired attorney, mediator, and author of the Marriage License Handbook and the upcoming book, “The American Way of Divorce: A Fraud on Families”.

Judith talks about her unique journey into law and mediation, the notable changes she's observed in family law over her 43 years of legal experience, and her views on domestic violence and spousal support laws.

Judith emphasizes the importance of understanding your rights and protecting your assets before marriage, and discusses how the evolution of family law has impacted women in particular.

Key Takeaways
  • Think Like A Lawyer – anticipate the worst-case scenario and plan accordingly.
  • Establish preventative measures through written agreements.
  • Include resolution clauses (like mediation) in case serious problems arise.

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