Moving State to State Like A Pro with Alison Woodall

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In this episode Bobbie Wasserman looks at the trending topic of relocation, particularly moving from one state to another. Which has grown in acceptance even as we emerged from pandemic. Employees have options and for many that means relocating to another state for a better quality of life. Which has caused a paradigm shift in how and where we work in the U.S.

Our guest is Alison Woodall, author of “Make The Move, A Guide to Successfully Relocating in a State You Love.”

Tips for Long-Distance Moving

Alison shares her proven actionable and practical tips to moving from state to state. With 22 moves under her belt, she draws from her extensive personal experience and professional knowledge.

To ease the often overwhelming process of long-distance moving, Alison emphasized the importance of leaving at least three to six months for planning and preparation. This allows for tasks such as downsizing, sorting, and decision-making on what belongings to bring along, which often take longer than anticipated. She also discussed the critical task of finding a new home, which sets the pace for the rest of the moving timeline.

Allison provided practical advice on how to approach the moving process, including selecting a reputable moving company, obtaining a binding quote, and considering employment and healthcare changes. She also highlighted the importance of being aware of family needs, both for those moving with you and those left behind. Lastly, she shared fascinating gender-based observations on how men and women approach the emotional aspects of moving.

Key Takeaways:
  • Moving Gender Differences: According to Allison, men and women approach the emotional aspect of moving differently. Men often download her guide for practical help, while women tend to seek emotional support and coaching.
  • Have Clarity: Be clear about what you want from your new life, knowing your budget, and being adaptable, recognize that no place is perfect.
  • Consider Family Needs: Consideration should be given to the needs of family members moving along as well as those left behind, from school and college-aged kids to elderly relatives.
  • Move Timeline: Allocate a considerable amount of time (3-6 months) for planning and preparation.
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