Our Mission

As prospective and current homeowners, we’ve all been there.

An anxious realtor that wants to do nothing more than close the sale. The contractor that misleads and overcharges you – even asks for your spouse's information. Hiring home service professionals to work on your behalf who just don’t deliver. 

I’ve been there – realtors, contractors, home sellers, home flippers, lawyers. Our mission is to help other women avoid what I’ve been through.

Single Lady Estates® is a company for women by women. We are an emerging community of homeowners focused on improving women’s homeownership experience – through the entire homeownership lifecycle – from buying to selling and life in between. .

We are in our inaugural phase – watch for our SingleLadyEstates Podcast, virtual events, partnership discounts, advocacy services, educational and engaging webinars … and more. We are your community. 

Welcome home.

Founder / CEO