Real Estate & Safety Tips for Women with Maxine Monina

Maxine Monina Real Estate Agent Featured Guest on episode: Real Estate & Safety during a Shifting Market with Maxine Monina on the Single Lady Estates Podcast
photo of Maxine Monina from the Pinnacle Real Estate website
Maxine Monina Residential Real Estate Agent

Maxine Monina offers a fresh perspective on how home buyers should approach the quickly changing real estate market. She also gives safety tips women homeowners can easily add to their daily routine.

In this episode Maxine shared:

  • Why her personal post-divorce home buying experience inspired her to become a real estate agent.
  • How she serves her specific real estate niche focused on women homebuyers.
  • The migration of home buyers from California to states like Texas, Tennessee, Utah, and even overseas.
  • How the rise in interest rates opened up the door for first time homebuyers to purchase a home.
  • What you can do to get to know your potential new neighborhood before making that home purchase.

For our Single Lady Estates® community, Maxine offered practical and potentially life-saving safety tips. Here is one of her simple and actionable tips we think all women can implement today.

“Have good lighting. Have timers for your lights. Don't ever walk into your house with no light.”

Maxine Monina is a residential real estate agent who serves clients in the Conejo Valley in Southern California. Connect with Maxine directly by visiting her website:

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