Real Estate Commission Changes – What You Need to Know!

In this podcast, we discuss real estate commission changes in residential real estate, with sought after real estate expert Nicole Christopherson.      

Nicole has earned a stellar reputation which has been recognized with industry awards and over 55 five-star reviews on Zillow. She started her real estate career in Orange County, CA and now brings her passion and business acumen to the Texas Hill Country suburbs and up-and-coming regions outside of central Austin.  Nicole currently serves on several real estate boards and committees, giving her invaluable insights and awareness of today’s ever-changing society, culture, and market.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Interview several real estate agents and ask them hard questions. Remember you want a trusted advisor, not just a salesperson.
  • Real estate commissions changes impact both sellers and buyers. Commissions have always been negotiable; the transparency of that reality will now be apparent.
  • We are only at the beginning of changes in the real estate industry – which is being disrupted on several fronts. In 5-7 years, the industry will most likely operate completely differently.

Connect with Nicole and her Team:
Website: NMCRealty Group
Phone number: (949) 922-8148

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