Safety Tips to Secure Your Home

Below are some general #SafetyTips to help you secure your home. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, there are 2.5 million burglaries annually in the United States, with 66% of these being home invasions. While these numbers can be intimidating, it’s important to be aware of the increasing crime rate and protect yourself and secure your home accordingly. 

A huge shout-out to Fern White who prepared the below list for her local community and was kind enough to share it with #SingleLadyEstates. 

Security and Alarm Systems

✅ Get a full-security system: alarm, cameras, automated lights. Consider not bundling these systems so if one is disabled or stops working, the other can serve as a backup. Diligent research can prove there might be no, or minimal, cost savings by not bundling. 

✅ Install cameras inside and outside (if applicable) your home. You want real-time feedback and no delays. Blink cameras from Amazon are real-time and I’m sure there are other real-time brands as well. 

✅ Install a Ring Video Doorbell and/or Ring Floodlight (or similar brands) so you can always speak to whoever comes to your door even if you're not home. The doorbell can be installed in condos and townhomes too!

✅ Install timers on your interior lights (check out smart home plugs) so you can turn lights on/off from your phone while you are away. 

✅ Leave lights & sounds (i.e., TV, radio, computer streaming) on when you are not home. 

✅ Please think about adding glass breaking sensors to your alarm system.

✅ Install safety film on your sliding glass doors & windows.

✅ Install Locks on both side gates, garages and sheds.

✅  Put a lock on your electrical panel so electricity to your home cannot be easily tampered with!

✅ Install bright lighting around your home.

✅ Trim all your shrubbery hedges around your home to eliminate any hiding or dark spaces.

The Perception of Activity

✅ Try to leave a car in the driveway parked closest to front door.  

✅ Switch up your normal routine from time to time and move your cars around in the driveway.

✅ Get to know your neighbors. Neighbors are the first line of defense when it comes to safety. Share phone numbers and participate in social media.  

✅ Be active on your neighborhood’s social media – Nextdoor, Facebook Groups, etc. Find out the popular social media sites in your neighborhood and be sure to sign-up and peruse the pages for the latest updates. 

✅ Start a neighborhood watch for your neighborhood. You can contact your local police precinct on how to start one.

✅ Do NOT say when you are going on vacation and post photos while you are away. 

✅ Be aware of any suspicious cars – newer cars with tinted windows and temporary license plates

Securing Valuables & Mail

✅ Remove any valuables out of your primary bedroom NOW and hide them somewhere else. It’s the first place crooks go and for some, the only room. Be aware, crooks know where to look so be creative and nondescript. 

✅ Do not leave anything valuable in your car – ever. 

✅ Keep an updated inventory of all your personal items which includes photos and/or videos of all your valuables in your home. There are apps that can help you organize this activity (read the reviews as you research because some complaints include ‘loss of data’ in the cloud), or you can just keep an old fashion list with photos. 

✅ Bring your mail in daily, and if possible, as close to delivery time as possible. If you are going to be home later in the evening, ask your neighbor to take in the mail for you (or packages you may be expecting!).

✅ Sign up for free Informed Mail from USPS which allows you to view incoming mail and track incoming packages online. If that scanned mail doesn’t make it to your mailbox, you know you have a problem!…/intro/start.action.

Check out the SLE podcast for our interview with LAPD Senior Lead Officer Sean Dinse to learn more about crime trends & tips: Home Safety and Security with Officer Sean Dinse

Any other tips to share? Note them in the comment section below – and be safe out there!

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