Single Lady Estates® Launches “Practical Guide to Air Conditioning” – Empowering Women Homeowners with System Knowledge

This is the first in a series of guides designed to empower homeowners with information to better navigate purchases, repairs and maintenance

Los Angeles, CA, June 6, 2023Single Lady Estates®, a company empowering women in building financial stability for them and their families through homeownership, today announced the launch of their new publication, “Single Lady Estates Practical Guide to Air Conditioning – Buy Right, Maintain Consistently and Don’t Get Ripped Off”. The guide covers topics such as system sizing, energy efficiency, troubleshooting common issues, and understanding the repair and maintenance process. This book is the first in a series of guides that aim to empower homeowners with knowledge and language of critical home systems as to better navigate purchases, repairs, and maintenance more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Historically, women have often been underserved and marginalized when it comes to home maintenance and technical subjects. As an increasing number of single women – at every age and throughout every demographic – become homeowners, it is essential to provide them with the resources and community they need to better navigate the entire homeownership journey – buying, selling and life in between.

“Our goal with these guides is to demystify the complexities of home systems, starting with air conditioning, so that women can make informed decisions,” stated Bobbie Wasserman, Founder of Single Lady Estates. “Understanding the basic terminology, functionality, and maintenance requirements of air conditioning systems provides a sense of control and confidence which can lead to a better purchase and system service experience.”

This book launch sets the tone for Single Lady Estates’ upcoming publications that will tackle various aspects of home systems and ownership topics and marks a milestone in Single Lady Estates' commitment to the current and future women homeowner community.  

The Practical Guide to Air Conditioning can be purchased through Amazon.