The Great Refresh with Mary Buffett

The future of work, investing, and homeownership as part of the Great Refresh.

We keep hearing about the “Great Resignation” as part of the post-pandemic world to describe actions taken by many to reset their work/life priorities. But for women homeowners and investors, is that an accurate description?

In this final episode of the Women and Investing Series with Mary Buffett, we look at the ‘reset' shift as more of a “Great Refresh” and the opportunity it provides women.

Topics covered:

  • The Great Refresh
  • Young Investors
  • Smart financial planning for women at any age

This is the third in a three-part series on Women and Investing featuring Mary Buffett, Bestselling Author, Value Investor, and Internationally Renowned Speaker.

The previous two episodes in the series can be found below:

Connect with Mary Buffett directly on her website.

Transcript available

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