Tips for Audio Success

Tips for Audio Success

We want you to sound your very best. Here are a few tips to ensure your voice is ready for recording day.


  • Hydrate by drinking plenty of water the day before your recording session (12-24 hours prior).
  • Headphones/Earbuds are a must for a good recording.
  • A USB microphone is great, but is not necessary. The earbuds that came with your mobile phone with the inline microphone will work just fine.


  • Avoid dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese) and bananas <– These are mucous producing foods. Not ideal on recording day.
  • Avoid ice water (cold water is fine, but no ice)
  • If possible, drink a cup of warm water with a splash of lemon or lime
  • Test and prep your microphone or headset/headphones (with mic)
  • Wire headsets are preferred. However, bluetooth/AirPods will also work. TIP: Double check they are fully charged. REMINDER: Please wear headphones.
  • Link on How to Log into to ipDTL podcast record link (what we'll use) and more info will come via your Calendar Invite. Don't forget your headphones, earbuds or headset!


  • To go the extra mile for your voice, steaming your vocal cords is beneficial. As the steam passes over vocal cords it has a hydrating effect on them.
  • Best solution for a dehydrated/mucous/rough voice is to steam your vocal cords AND drink hot water with lemon.
  • If steaming vocal cords is not possible, then drinking hot water with lemon will improve vocal quality.

Bonus Tip:

  • Eating a green apple has a cleansing effect on your mouth which can minimize “mouth noise” when speaking.