Unlocking Real Estate Investing with Alan Siebenaler

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The Data: Women Real Estate Investors

Currently, women make up 31% of real estate investors. Up from 27% in 2010. Yet, the average salary of male real estate investors is only 10% higher than women. Which means real estate investing is certainly within reach for women who are interested.

We turn the spotlight on real estate investing strategies, current market trends, and tips for success with real estate investor, Alan Siebenaler.

Alan is a Realtor Parter at Zia Group out of Santa Barbara, California. He shares how a short stint at an accounting firm drove his desire for freedom and work flexibility which led to a 22-year career in real estate investing.

In this episode, Alan discusses the value of creative real estate strategies like house hacking to transition from homeowner to investor. He reveals how to leverage shadow housing inventory to find deals. He also dispels myths about needing lots of cash to become a real estate investor and talks about some of the most creative real estate investors he has met throughout the years.

“Real estate opportunity does not care what gender you are, what age you are, what education you have.”

Alan Siebenaler
Key Takeaways:
  • House hacking (renting out your previous primary home) is a simple way to become a real estate investor.
  • You can invest with little money through creative financing and partners.
  • Shadow inventory provides opportunities to find off-market deals.
  • Being a landlord – finding good tenants, managing furnished rentals like AirBNB, housing for traveling nurses, and corporate housing.
  • Current trends – low inventory, higher interest rates

Alan also distinguishes between the pros and cons of flipping for profit versus buying and holding for long-term wealth. This is an information packed episode meant to inform and inspire.

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