Woodland Hills Street Paved – After 84 Years

San Miguel Street paved, at left, and the way it’s been for years, right.

Residents have complained for, well, decades, about the state of San Miguel Street in Woodland Hills.

A winding stretch of the road has not been paved since 1937. Why?
In 1937, during the Depression, the road was “withdrawn” from public use by the city when L.A. said they didn’t have the money to fix dangerous streets.

Local residents have tried petitioning the Bureau of Street Services, the city council and more.

Residents credit neighbor Bobbi Wasserman’s years of efforts for finally getting the road fixed. Wasserman sued the city after a storm sent a downpour of mud from San Miguel into her yard.

The City took notice. Councilman Bob Blumenfield’s office identified several streets in Woodland Hills that fell under the same mandate, and said he started reinstating them one at a time